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Creating a healthy work culture is hard work

Today’s businesses are facing real challenges in building and maintaining a healthy and productive workplace culture. Media distraction runs rampant, social division is at an all time high and employees are experiencing more stress than ever before. All too often the result is an unmotivated, distracted and under performing workforce.


experience a more focused & engaged workforce

Imagine a culture where your employees enjoy coming to work, feel a sense of ownership of their role and bring their “A game” both mentally and physically every day. That’s exactly what our team of physical therapists, strength and conditioning specialists, and organizational psychologists are committed to. We provide your employees with the power of their own personalized mental and physical plan, a dedicated personal trainer and the support of an engaged community. You get to experience the power of a focused and fully engaged workforce.

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“Had an awesome video consultation. She gave me a lot of input on what to do and how to stretch out my body post stroke.”

Candace H
Fit Mindful Body Club Member

easy implementation

Mental and physical fitness are hard work, onboardng your company and implementing change doesn’t have to be. Our streamlined plan ensures easy on-boarding and swift, measurable results.


Book a free consult to discuss your unique organizational needs and goals. Ask questions, get answers and give us a chance to share a few of our favorite success stories.


We’ll draft a customized plan and on-boarding program and launch schedule for your organization.


We manage the program launch, support your workforce and provide you with monthly analytics and reporting on company impact across measurable metrics & KPAs.

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the benefits


  • Weekly personal training for your employees
  • Customized on demand workout videos
  • Virtual wellness workshops and events
  • Healthy cooking demos from chefs and nutritionists
  • Community challenges for enhanced team building
  • Account management and concierge support
  • Communications support to build awareness & participation
  • Workout plans your employees can do anywhere with a phone, laptop or tablet, all with the support of a dedicated virtual trainer.

Ready to experience the power of a focused and engaged workforce?

Position your company as an industry leader. Attract, develop and maintain a stronger, more focused and engaged worforce by developing a fit, mindful culture.

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